The Team

Eyal Shami

43 years old (Compedia). Eyal has 20 years of accumulated experience in the development and marketing of products for kids, which include “Dino”, “Arthur” and many other educational computer software and games. Interactive games are only part of Eyal’s rich portfolio. Eyal started working on the Mogobe project on November 2007 and is the company’s founder and CEO.


Yael Arad

Yael Arad is an expert in branding and marketing concept.
For the last 10 years Yael was the CTO of PMI that specializes in the world of kids and youth. Yael led PMI to great success with Pokémon cards, Digimon toys and the huge success of Webkinz in Israel.
Yael was the first Israeli ever to win an Olympic medal in Barcelona, 1992.

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